Would you like to feel lighter, more energetic, more in flow?

Would you like to get clear on what is holding you back from stepping into your power?

Would you like to reach your fullest potential and blossom into your truly unique and magnificent self?

Have you tried many different therapies and healers, but still feel misaligned in some way?



Dominique Stelling is a Transformational Life Coach and speaker from Zurich, Switzerland. In an individual one-to-one Skype/Zoom session, she supports her clients to heal emotional and physical pain by helping them shift subconscious blocks, self-limiting thoughts and self-sabotage patterns that prevent them from reaching their full potential and goals. Her approach focuses on the Mind-Body Connection and Energy Field Dynamics to improve emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Using a combination of techniques including Kinesiology, Omega Healing, Body Scanning, EFT, NLP, Trance Coaching and Quantum Healing, she helps her clients to modify their resonance with patterns that are holding them back and depleting their energy.

The result is a personalised key that unlocks access to new experiences and possibilities, instantly leading to an increase in self-empowerment, happiness and personal fulfillment.

Dominique has had certifications including: Omega Health Coach (Dr. Roy Martina), Reconnective Healing Practitioner (Dr. Eric Pearl), Theta Healing Practitioner (Vianna Stibal) and Master Myotherapist (Bonnie Prudden). She is also trained in Joy-Mapping (Melissa Joy Jonsson), Matrix Energetics (Dr. Richard Bartlett) and Advanced Workshops and Meditations (Dr. Joe Dispenza). She also completed a two-year program and certification in Buddhist Psychology and Spiritual Coaching (Lharampa Tenzin Kalden).

Become the medicine and heal your life !

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An Energy Clearing intended to shift negative energy patterns and raise your vibration so that you can download a new reality matrix.

The session will begin with you briefly outlining what you are looking to let go of and what you are looking to invite and align with. I will channel a guided meditation and subtle energy healing, and then recommend a practice for you to use to instantly recalibrate.



A deep dive transformational coaching session where we will address the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

We will examine the energy field dynamics of your current situation and eliminate the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Guided meditations, energy clearings, affirmations and visualizations will activate your higher-self and self-mastery abilities.


NEW 12-month program cultivating coherence, peace and harmony.

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CHF 612

In these 3 private coaching sessions, we will explore the multi-facets of a situation that you would like to address and align with the highest potential and most abundant version of yourself. Together we will identify the required steps, accountability and commitment needed to reach your personal goals. The sessions will help to uncover fears, self-sabotage and victimization that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential, as well as support you in becoming congruent and aligned with the changes you would like to make. These personalized sessions serve as a key that unlocks access to new experiences and possibilities, instantly leading to an increase in self-empowerment, happiness and personal fulfillment.


CHF 1020

Over the course of 5 private coaching sessions, we will harness the wisdom of Buddhist Psychology and Spiritual Coaching to compassionately create space for what needs to come to the surface, and allow for the alchemization/transmutation of limiting thoughts, negative feelings and lower vibrational energies.

Through the P.U.R.E method (Problem, Understand, Reframe, Evolve) we will transform and reframe a current mindset, and using the 3-pronged coaching approach T.E.A. (Thoughts, Emotions, Actions) you will be guided to understand behavior and interactions. This cognitive-emotional approach builds the foundation for healthy interpersonal relationships and positive work climates, while also cultivating more compassion and inner peace.


CHF 1632

These 8 private coaching sessions are based on the group transformational workshop series. During each session you will be guided to develop a skill set of mental flexibility and emotional resilience which will help you to soar through turbulent times. With these 8 keycodes, you will be equipped to navigate through all of life’s challenges. By connecting to your inner dragon, you will discover your innate strengths and wisdom and bring balance and fortitude into all aspects of your life. Regardless of the circumstances that you may face, you will have the ability to transform obstacles into gifts and as a result experience more gratitude, self-compassion and bliss.


“I recommend this course for anyone looking to upgrade their spiritual knowledge. Dominique’s teachings go beyond the ordinary boundaries to give you wisdom and knowledge to change and restore your life.”

- Gary Quinn

"When I was recommended a session with Dominique I had zero hesitation that I needed to just call and set one up. From the second I met her, she has helped me with anxieties and fears that were holding me back in everyday life. Her energy, her perception, her innate kindness and skill have and are continuing to ease me into a better version of me, or more to the point be the person I want to be! I come away from the sessions with renewed faith and energy. I think she is a totally unique woman!"

- Emma F., USA

"I met Dominique more than 2 years ago, where I attended her EFT workshop and I immediately liked her charisma and sparkle. Since then I am a big FAN. When I started my therapy, I was coming from a long, long, long life of sadness, loneliness, abandonment, self-esteem, and more and more. As the sessions progressed I went through so many states; anger, tears, screams, discouragement, more sadness, pain, etc…and little by little things are lightened up, I have compassion and kindness to myself, I am more in my power, I learn to trust myself, to listen to my intuition and to believe it.

Her wisdom and knowledge are amazing. I really feel her kindness and care, in every session she gave me tools to grow and to arise. She’s MAGIC!"

- Maire L., Zürich Switzerland

"At first Dominique’s practice might seem very unconventional if you have never resorted to these techniques of healing. Yet, you will quickly realize the power of it. I mostly appreciate Dominique’s very strategic and goal-oriented way of coaching; identifying the underlying patterns affecting you, working on resolving them together through different healing techniques, and most importantly providing practical tools for everyday support. After each session, I can truly feel a difference!  Dominique creates a very warm and safe environment from the start that makes you feel comfortable. I have recommended her practice to my friends & family, and will continue to do so!"

- Caroline, W. , United Kingdom


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By participating in my coaching services, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching efforts or the energy balancing therapies offered in my practice. The therapies offered are intended to help support clients on their self-healing and wellness journey. It is not a substitute for regular medical care.